Welcome to the world of the child; where play is the language and medium for self-expression. Children have their own unique lens from which they view the world, their relationships with others, and themselves. Play therapy for young children is a specialized approach to working with children in an environment that is comfortable, developmentally appropriate, and fun! When children experience distress in their lives, they cope in a variety of ways, but their expression of that distress will be much different than that of an adult. Utilizing our specialized play room, children will be encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings through play and other child-friendly activities. The goals of play therapy include symptom reduction, emotional stability, and building competence and self-esteem.

For older children, they too enjoy a friendly environment in which to express their own ideas and feelings. They are more likely able to sustain conversation with the therapist, but sometimes structured or play activities can encourage exploration of issues which have been presented as a priority. Children are afforded confidentiality – just as an adult would expect that their thoughts and feelings will be safeguarded. However, feedback, suggestions/recommendations, and progress updates are provided to the parents on a regular basis.