Dr.‘s Vigil are available for consultation with other professionals in related fields; including attorneys, school personnel, mediators, Guardian Ad Litems, and other mental health providers. Their experience with divorcing families and knowledge in child / family issues, may prove valuable in providing guidance, feedback, or strategizing for a particular case. If you are interested in consultation, either immediate and one time session; or prolonged consultation in a specific matter, please contact the office and we will be glad to discuss our availability and fees for such services.

Both Dr. Julio Vigil and Dr. Laura LoBuglio-Vigil are available to provide seminars on a variety of informative topics related to mental health issues and/or the divorce process. These seminars have been conducted for a variety of audiences; including school personnel, law classrooms, professional organizations, and business/company environments. If you or your organization have an idea for a seminar which you believe would be beneficial, please contact the office and we will determine how, and if, we can meet your needs by providing a seminar on that designated topic.