Therapy services are provided to individuals, couples, and families, who may be experiencing life stressors, conflict, communication obstacles, and/or emotional symptoms which are significantly impacting their level of functioning.

Therapy is provided in a safe and objective atmosphere, and confidentiality is a cornerstone for the effectiveness of the therapy. Therapy provides the opportunity for individuals to explore personal behaviors, feelings, and thoughts; while the professional will assist the individual in gaining greater insight, understanding, and/or lasting behavior change.

Therapy sessions typically are conducted once per week for a 50 minute period of time; however, each person / family’s needs are taken into consideration and frequency and duration may be flexible at the clinician’s discretion.

At this time, Therapeutic Horizons is not contracted with any insurance company; meaning we do not accept insurance for therapy services provided in this office.
The clinician assigned to work with you and/or your family, will discuss hourly rates prior to the initial consultation.

There are standard fees set for services in this office, but again, consideration will be taken as to an individual’s ability to pay. Ultimately, it is a personal decision and commitment to enter into therapy services, and one must make an informed decision in choosing the right provider.