Often times a couple may be uncertain of the decision to divorce, and may seek counseling in an objective and supportive atmosphere. Such therapy often times is useful in assisting parties to assess their relationship, and what direction they may ultimately choose for their family and/or marriage.

The professionals at Therapeutic Horizons have significant experience in working with children and families in such situations of transition, and can provide valuable insights, suggestions, and guidance as you navigate your way through decisions which need to be made.

Educational components of therapeutic intervention are valuable as well. Parents also can receive guidance as to the most appropriate way to discuss divorce with their child(ren), and possible reactions of the children depending on their developmental stage.

The therapists can prepare parents with information about parenting plans and about the divorce process in general. Ultimately, therapy of this nature is geared toward capitalizing on the strengths of each individual, the empowerment of individual / parental decision making, and providing structure and guidance to promote a healthy family transition.