The need for a more creative and proactive approach in assisting highly conflicted separating and divorcing families has led to the increased demand of Parenting Coordinating professional services.

Parent coordination helps high conflict families resolve their disputes out of court and reduces excessive use of litigation, as well as reducing cost to the parties. A Parent Coordinator can be a licensed mental health provider, certified family mediator, or attorney who has met the additional training criteria.

The professionals at Therapeutic Horizons also have additional training and experience in understanding child development, family systems, mediation, and dealing with families in conflict. A Parenting Coordinator is a neutral/objective person, and can be appointed by agreement of the parties, or by Court Order.

Parent Coordinators assist families by shielding children from conflict and ensuring their safety; teaching and promoting healthy communication skills between family members; mediating unresolved child related issues; possibly creating or monitoring a Parenting Plan; and ultimately improving the quality of the co-parenting relationship. It is noteworthy that research has shown that continued parental conflict is the single most common cause of poor adjustment in children following a divorce.

Parent coordination is a specialized service that can be used during the separation period, divorce process, and even post-divorce months/years, in order to monitor and encourage healthy co-parenting.

Both Dr. Julio Vigil and Dr. Laura LoBuglio are certified as Parent Coordinators in the state of Florida. We have been conducting parent coordination services for almost ten years, and have provided such services to hundreds of families. This level of experience, ranging with minimal to high conflict, allows the professionals in this office to efficiently and skillfully deal with family matters presented for the service of Parent Coordination.

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