Often children in the middle of high conflict divorce have a strained or severed relationship with one parent. As a result, the courts will often times refer the parties for therapeutic supervised visitation.

This visitation includes a parent and one or more children in the presence of a third party – who is responsible for observing and ensuring the safety of all involved. These visits also offer a safe and neutral atmosphere, in order to facilitate and assess the rebuilding of relationships between parent and child(ren).

The qualified staff and creative facilities at Therapeutic Horizons are tailored to accommodate the families in need of this specialized service. Our play / observation room has a one way mirror, and is equipped for audio and video recording if warranted.

Supervised visitation is a format in which an objective/qualified professional observes and documents the interaction between parent and child(ren), but that professional does not typically provide direct or clinical intervention. Therapeutic supervised visitation is conducted in a format in which a mental health professional will not only observe the interactions between parent and child(ren), but also provide guidance, intervention, directives, and facilitate interactions and conversations between the parties involved in the visitation.